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About Limon

Family owned Peruvian restaurant

Executive chef, Martín Castillo, and his brothers, Antonio and Eduardo, grew up around a busy kitchen. Their mother, Luz, was well known in her neighborhood for her delicious cooking. Her son's friends would always ask her to make their families a dish on special occasions.

By the 1990's the Castillo brothers had left Perú and found themselves in the U.S. They continued their ritual of cooking home-style Peruvian dishes out of their apartment for family, friends and, soon enough, friends of friends. It was then that they knew there was something worth sharing. 


By 2002, the Castillo’s first restaurant, “Limón” opened its doors on 17th Street in the Mission District of San Francisco. The goal was simple: introduce the dynamic flavors of Peruvian cuisine to the renowned San Francisco food scene, in which it was seemingly missing.  With word of mouth the restaurant quickly gained recognition from top restaurant critics and national publications. 


Most important to the Castillo brothers was to create an atmosphere reminiscent of life in Perú: a place where locals could gather over shared plates and celebrate life’s occasions with memorable food & drink.


Today, the Castillo family continues to own & operate multiple Limon Rotisserie locations in the Bay Area & beyond.  On October 25th we happily celebrate Limón Day – declared by San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee in 2011.